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Lets Have A Great Year!

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Lets Have A Great Year!

In 2020 we raised almost $8,000. With these funds Allyhoo will be able to keep its doors open, continue giving to The Children's Hospital here in Minnesota, and help support our outreach to the rest of the community!

Keep an eye out for our exciting new opportunities coming up later in 2021 including partnerships, even more frequent donations and more variety in our selections!

Our 2021 goal is to raise $6,000 to help us continue creating Allyhoos, spreading love & comfort, and making a difference in our communities throughout the year!

A quick recap for those who are new to my story:

Allyhoo is a 501(C)3 nonprofit I started when I was 15 years old after becoming a patient at The Children's Hospital. At 13 I was diagnosed with an unknown autoimmune disease with severe arthritis in all my joints as a side effect. For most of my high school & college career I was going through chemotherapy (3 self injections a week) to help keep my immune system from attacking itself. I am now 22 and have thankfully been in medical remission for about 3 years, although I do still deal with daily chronic pain.

I created Allyhoo as a way to help out other kids at the hospital; battling cancer, intense surgeries, or even a simple procedure because all kids deserve some comfort while going through scary life events. An Allyhoo is a handmade animal shaped pillow custom designed by customers; we make identical twins of each order so while the customer gets one, the twin is donated to The Children's Hospital in the customer's name. Our goal is to create connections for the patients to the outside world and let them know that they have people rooting them on.